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Local Wine Farms

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We are fortunate to be situated in the middle of the famous South African Winelands Region, with a wide variety of wine farms close by.
The selection of farms below are ordered (top to bottom) from those closest to us, to the ones that are further away, with the furtherest being about 40km away.


We will happily assist you to plan your own personal wine route or to recommend options most suited to our needs. Please ask our General Manager for more information.
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Avondale (2.2km)

“At Avondale, we make extraordinary wines approved by Mother Nature. Our ethos, Terra Est Vita meaning ‘Soil is Life’ encapsulates our view of Avondale Estate as a dynamic living system where soil, water and energy; plants, animals and people; even our buildings, are part of a complex web of relationships and networks, interconnected and interdependent.

Our commitment to promoting life does not only lead to Mother Nature’s approval of our healthy, balanced vineyard ecosystem; it also ensures the premium quality of Avondale’s unique, naturally-made, slow wines. The vigour of our well-tended vines leads to excellent grapes bursting with fresh flavours that are evident in our individually-styled, classic wines, so full of life and character. Avondale is certified organic and we practice bio-dynamic agriculture, but we go beyond both these beneficial systems of natural farming by also using the best 21st Century science, technology and knowledge to enhance sustainability.”

Tel: 021 863 1976

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KWV (10.4km)

“KWV is one of the leading wine and spirits producers in South Africa and has a distinguished heritage, celebrated around the globe, of product innovation and exceptional brands. These include Roodeberg, KWV Wines & KWV Brandies, and Laborie.

From its earliest roots in 1918 as a small co-operative of growers – Proud Pioneers with the vision to improve wine industry standards and quality in South Africa – KWV has grown into a global producer of over 100 products.

Our wines and grapes are sourced from the most sought-after viticultural regions of South Africa and grown from the world’s oldest earth. Our cellars, one of the largest complexes in the world and featuring the world-famous Cathedral Cellar, have produced an award-winning range of products. “

Tel: 021 807 3007/8

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Nederburg (10.4km)

“Nederburg’s most important ingredient is passion. The people at the winery, on a very personal level, has built Nederburg into one of South Africa’s most successful brands, as a market leader and the winner of many global and domestic awards and accolades. No matter what their role in the winemaking process, from soil to glass, it is about people who don’t merely care about their work but genuinely love what they do.

Established in 1791, Nederburg has been a prominent brand in South Africa for over 70 years. 

’The brand enjoys huge respect and renown and with that comes great responsibility not just in upholding but in advancing a very long-standing reputation. This isn’t a task for the faint-hearted. It’s very hard work. It’s for people with guts, determination and a zealous, meticulous attention to detail. You have to unreservedly love and believe in what you do and in a nutshell, that’s passion.'”

Tel: 021 862 3104

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Laborie (11.3km)

“Laborie Wine Farm is nestled in the fertile Paarl valley, with the beautiful Paarl rock as background. A visit to Laborie affords you the opportunity to reminisce about the Cape as it once was. The farm was granted to Isaac Taillefert in 1691, named after the district of La Bri in France. Laborie has been producing fine wines since 1698 and more than 300 years on, is one of the oldest operational wine farms in South Africa. Laborie produces some of the best Méthode Cap Classique sparkling wines, an array of award-winning wines, an estate brandy and a unique fortified Pinotage dessert wine.

Visitors can overnight in the tranquil guest house and enjoy a delectable meal at Harvest at Laborie. In testament to Isaac Taillefert, Laborie continues to deliver in the best French heritage tradition.”

Tel: 021 807 3390

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Simonsvlei (13.4km)

“Imbued with the pioneering spirit that typified the early Dutch settlers and French Huguenots who settled at the Cape. Simonsvlei is still building on this inherited culture of innovation, integrity and an independent spirit that dates back more than three centuries.

The name Simonsvlei originates from the founder of the South African wine Industry, Simon van der Stel, and from the area’s vlei (wetlands) landscape.

Today, Simonsvlei is still committed to the common goal set by one of its co-founders, Sonny le Roux, to provide ‘quality wines at affordable prices’ And ever since, innovative and affordable wines of quality have become the hallmark of Simonsvlei. One of those who helped to create the foundation is the now legendary figure of Oom Sarel. It was under his tutelage and guidance that winemaking advanced in leaps and bounds at Simonsvlei.”

Tel: 021 863 3040

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Boland Cellar (14.3km)

“Situated in the picturesque Paarl Valley, Boland Cellar has much to boast about.
Nominated as one of South Africa’s top 20 export companies in their category, being named one of the top 100 wine producers in the world by the World Association of Wine & Spirits Writers as well as being arguably the top wine producer from the much acclaimed Paarl region, gives us much to be grateful for.

The late Peter Sichel once offered a definition of what makes a great wine. He stated that the character of a wine is defined by the terroir, the quality by the people and the personality by the weather. Our definition is much simpler, if you think you had a glass but the bottle seems to be finished – then it must be a great wine.”

Tel : 021 872 1766

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Fairview (14.6km)

“In 1699 the first wine was made on the Fairview farm. Official tax records of the time reflect a farm ‘inventory’ which listed a few barrels of wine, among items ranging from bags of wheat to rifles and slaves. The farm had previously been known as Bloemkoolfontein (‘Cauliflower Fountain’). Jests current owner/vintner Charles Back II: ‘I’m pleased that someone had the foresight to change the name!’ Up to about 100 years ago, the farm had a chequered history: it was part of no less than eight insolvent estates. Quips the incorrigible Charles again: ‘I’m doing my best to break the habit!’

In fact, the farm’s star started rising from 1937 when Back’s grandfather, Charles Back I, bought the property from the Hugo family for the pricely sum of £6 500.”

Tel: 021 863 2450

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Diemersfontein (15.8km)

“Diemersfontein is known for its beauty, informal elegance, and grace – an idyllic wine estate close to Paarl in the Winelands Region.

We warmly invite you to share with us the tranquil spirit of Diemersfontein – whether you are conferencing here, marrying here, or taking some of it home in a bottle!

Diemersfontein has belonged to the Sonnenberg family since the early 1940s, when David’s grandfather, Max, bought the 183 hectare farm, which lies in the shadow of the majestic Hawekwa Mountains with a panoramic view of both Du Toit’s Kloof and Bains’ Kloof.”

Tel: 021 864 5050

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Spice Route Winery (17.7km)

“Charles had bought the farm Klein Amoskuil, and this Malmesbury based farm is now home to Spice Route’s Swartland terroir styled wines. The Spice Route Winery has found its signature wine style in the warm rolling hills along the Cape West Coast. Matching traditional practices in the vineyards with modern, minimalist approaches in the cellar, they produce exceptionally ripe and deep-flavoured wines.

The deep red soils sustain unirrigated bush vine through the long warm summers. These harsh conditions are tempered by cool Atlantic breezes rolling in overnight. In its few years since inception had a stratospheric climb into the top echelons of the South African wine industry.”

Tel: 021 863 5200

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La Motte (18.8km)

“Situated in the beautiful Franschhoek Valley, 
La Motte is home to the finest wines, recognised internationally for exceptional quality. With its picturesque setting, traditional cuisine and historic charm, La Motte is an enchanting destination for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

In 1695, a piece of land in the Franschhoek Valley was granted to German immigrant, Hans Hattingh. In 1709 the land was purchased by French Huguenot Pierre Joubert, who is believed to have named it after the village of his birth in Provence – La Motte d’Aigues. Viticulture on La Motte was established in 1752 with the planting of 4000 vines by Huguenot descendant Gabriël du Toit.

Today, La Motte Wine Estate is operated under the guidance of owner Hanneli Rupert-Koegelenberg and her husband Hein Koegelenberg, Chief Executive Officer of the estate.”

Tel: 021 876 8000

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Leopard’s Leap (19.3km)

“Welcome to Leopard’s Leap Family Vineyards, leading wine producer situated in South Africa’s famous Franschhoek Valley. Sourcing grapes from selected vineyards in the Western Cape winelands, Leopard’s Leap Family Vineyards produces and markets quality wines under the Leopard’s Leap label, aimed at consumers with a preference for affordable, easy-drinking wines, fit for any occasion.

As a popular, family-orientated tourist destination, Leopard’s Leap also boasts sociable tasting facilities, a versatile food offering, culinary tutoring and, of course, the charm of a beautiful landscape.”

Tel: 021 876 8002

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Môreson (19.5km)

“Môreson holds the most special place in my heart. I, along with my three siblings, grew up here. We lived by a few simple rules: if it was high it was meant to be climbed; if it was a fruit or looked vaguely edible it was meant to be eaten; and if there was even a ray of sunlight we’d still be out exploring every part of Môreson.

The four of us have long outgrown the plastic tractors. I’ve graduated to real-life farming equipment. My brothers – Blake and Dane – have replaced man-made tractor noises with our global wine sales. And my sister, Charley (our resident free spirit), has (for now) managed to elude the family business.

When the four of us get together on the farm (which doesn’t happen as often as we wish it did) we’re reminded of just why we love Môreson so much. It is a winery where wines are patiently and lovingly crafted from vines that have grown for years. It is our home and we feel privileged to be able to share it with you.”

Tel: 021 876 3055

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Rhebokskloof (21.6km)

“Rhebokskloof Wine Estate, situated in the magnificent Paarl valley, is nestled between the granite hills of the Paarl Rock mountains, creating a unique micro-climate. The picturesque Estate boasts award-winning wines, a restaurant and is the perfect location for weddings, and events. Rhebokskloof Wine Estate is very child friendly, with jumping castles, a trampoline, jungle gym and pony rides over weekends.

Rhebokskloof dates back to 19 August 1692, when Simon van der Stel, then governor of the Cape, awarded a free grant of land to Dirk van Schalkwyk. The initial large piece of land was divided into six different farms between the First and Second World Wars, and sold off. The original farm was only reclaimed in 1986, when new owners bought back the other five farms. Rhebokskloof’s current owners bought the estate in 2006.”

Tel: 021 869 8386

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Haute Cabrière (25.8km)

“Cradled by the Franschhoek Mountains and deeply rooted in history, Haute Cabrière – The Home of Pierre Jourdan Cap Classique is one of Franschhoek’s most exquisite food and wine destinations, where visitors get to experience a deep passion for wine, a culture of wine pairing and the art of sabrage.

The history of Haute Cabriere dates back to 22 December 1694 when the French Huguenot Pierre Jourdan, was granted a piece of land in Olifantshoek – today known as Franschhoek – which he decided to name after his home town, Cabriere.

Today, Haute Cabriere’s range of wines encompasses two Cap Classiques – the Pierre Jourdan Brut and Pierre Jourdan Belle Rose, as well as a selection of still wines – the Pierre Jourdan Tranquille, the Haute Cabriere Chardonnay Pinot Noir, the Haute Cabriere Pinot Noir and the revolutionary Haute Cabriere Unwooded Pinot Noir. All wines are fantastically versatile, to be enjoyed on their own or with a variety of different foods.”

Tel: 021 876 8500

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Warwick Estate (26.6km)

“Warwick Estate is a family-owned and run winery. Managing Director Michael Ratcliffe is the 3rd generation family member to oversee this high quality boutique operation. After the Anglo Boer war ended in 1902, Colonel William Alexander Gordon, Commanding Officer of the Warwickshire regiment bought the historic farm. He renamed it ‘Warwick’ as a tribute to his regiment and the rest, as they say, is history.

Stan Ratcliffe purchased Warwick on April 1st 1964 after an extensive search for the best ‘terroir’ in the Cape. Together with his wife Norma, they soon realized the potential of the extraordinary property and began
planting Cabernet Sauvignon. In 1984 the first Warwick Cabernet Sauvignon called ‘La Femme Bleu’- the Blue Lady – was released. Norma had a natural talent for making great wines and in 1986 Warwick Trilogy was released, a Bordeaux style blend which has since become a flagship of the South African Wine Industry.”

Tel: 021 884 4410

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Muratie (32.8km)

“Tucked into the exquisite Knorhoek Valley north of Stellenbosch, Muratie Wine Estate, under the stewardship of Rijk Melck and his family, has been at the heart of a lot of passionate debate. This debate is centred largely around the desire to protect a century’s old wine experience. The farm itself dates back to 1685. This makes Muratie one of the oldest estates in South Africa and along with that age comes many characters and truly fascinating stories. The Melck family has revived this rich heritage in an updated yet classical evolution of the brand, naming its range after many of these colourful characters.

The wine itself has also undergone incredible changes in quality, under the creative hand of winemaker Francois Conradie and his team. This has seen Muratie become a serious and respected player in the Bordeaux blend, Shiraz, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir stakes. Historically, Muratie has been known for being the first producer of Pinot Noir as well as fine ports. Along with the development of other varietals, Muratie has elevated itself into a new appreciation amongst truly discerning wine lovers.”

Tel: 021 865-2330/6

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Rustenberg (40.6km)

“Founded in 1682 and nestled in the valley of the Simonsberg in South Africa’s premium wine region, Stellenbosch. Rustenberg’s rich heritage and ethos has been informed by many centuries of human influence striving to understand and work with nature to produce wines of distinct character true to their terrior, variety and informed style.

Rustenberg has a wine-growing history dating back to 1682, when Roelof Pasman from Meurs, near the Rhine, recognised its wine-growing potential. In 1941 Peter and Pamela Barlow bought Rustenberg, later acquiring Schoongezicht and reuniting the properties. Their son Simon took over the running of the farm in 1987. The Barlows have been at Rustenberg for over 60 years: the longest period any one family has owned the farm.”

Tel: 021 809 1200