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Sheer enjoyment is compulsory from the moment you enter Boschenmeer Grande Lodge – from the reception to each of our 12 individually appointed rooms.
Every one of our self-catering lodges has been built to create more than merely the comforts of home. Each has been custom-designed for your pleasure.

The Team

Adele Janse van Rensburg

General Manager

Megan Pienaar

Assistant Manager

Lauren Philander

Head Housekeeper

Sharon Joshua

Head Housekeeper

grande lodge staff
boschenmeer staff
boschenmeer staff

Adele was born and raised in Pietermaritzburg and moved to Paarl 2003.  With an event planning background, she joined Boschenmeer Lodges in 2015 as General Manager and is totally passionate about sharing everything on offer in the area.

Megan has been in the Paarl area all her life and after completing her hospitality training, she spent 6 months at an establishment in Franschhoek honing her practical skills.  Starting at Boschenmeer in early 2015, she thoroughly enjoys her job adding value to the Lodge visitors.

Lauren was born and raised in Paarl. After graduating from school, she worked as a preschool teacher-assistant for 6 years. “As I’ve always wanted to work in the hotel industry, my dream came true in 2010 when I joined the team at Boschenmeer Grande Lodge. “

Sharon was born and raised in Paarl. “My love for the hospitality industry started when I joined a Hospitality Service Contractor in 2005. In 2007 I had the opportunity to join the Boschenmeer Grande Lodge team. “


The owners of Boschenmeer Lodges are very conscious of environmental issues and undertake various measures to limit the impact of the lodges and the guests on the area.

Environmental responsibility

  • Our photovoltaic solar installation generates about 50% of our year-round electrical power requirement; varying between 25% in winter to 70% in summer
  • We use safe and bio-degradable cleaning products and provide safe and bio-degradable guest amenities in support of planetary health and the best interests of our guests
  • Due to Boschenmeer being in a water scarce environment, we have installed a grey-water system, used to irrigate our gardens, and request that our guests be mindful of their use of water and their need for towel and linen replacement during their stay

For more information on the water scarcity situation, please click here for Estate Lodges  and Grande Lodge

Employment responsibility

  • We believe in equal employment opportunities and practise equity in all our staff dealings
  • Development and training is available for all staff
  • Our staff at Boschenmeer are given the opportunity to have the guest experience at our sister establishment and other partner establishments as part of their continuous training
  • Fair compensation and results-based incentives are given to all staff
  • Guests gratuity and contributions are appreciated and fairly distributed amongst the staff

Community responsibility

  • You’ll find local businesses, of interest to visitors to our area, listed in the “Experiences” pages on our website
  • Boschenmeer supports, promotes and encourages mutually beneficial partnerships with local businesses, benefiting our guests
  • Regular support of community initiatives, local relief and welfare centres is undertaken

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