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Weather forecast


This link provides an easy to interpret long term (approx. 9 days) forecast … this will be the most appropriate look-ahead for guest considering what to pack and plan for.  A short term, more detailed forecast is also available.

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Sunrise | Sunset




This link provides sunrise and sunset times for Stellenbosch, 20kms south of Paarl and being on the approx. same longitude.

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Meteorological weather data

The link above provides historical meteorological data with easy to interpret graphs of the following:
Max day temp | Ave day temp | Min night temp | Ave night temp | Days with per precipitation (Cape Town – 50kms west of Paarl) | Precipitation in mm | Mid-month sunrise time | Mid-month sunset time

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Go pro weather camera


The above link shows images from a weather cam on Laibach Wine Farm approx. 10km south of Boschenmeer.  Unfortunately, it is not always current.

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Phases of the Moon


The above links show information on the phases of the moon.

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